Are you taking care of yourself?

The more curiosity you feel about yourself, the more you discover how much of you there is to learn.  

As you feel fear, panic, sadness, confusion, lack of confidence, or any other incapacitating distress, you realize how tough life is on you and how hard it is to cope.

The moment you experience on-line therapy with me, you will recognize how my work will help you gain a deep understanding of yourself. As we explore your personality, you will notice how your inner resources will become more structured, adaptable, spontaneous and independent.

My purpose is to help you grow what is already a part of you, not to correct you into a different person.

Meet me On-Line, Wherever You Are!

My Approach

As you live, you go through relations and experiences. Your personality evolves and shapes the way you see yourself and relate to others.

This process is natural, but it may bring elements which could impede your self-esteem, confidence and ability to think. As a result, you may experience internal conflicts, preventing you from structuring a fulfilling and healthy way of living.

During our sessions, we will explore your life journey at a deep level. You will gain understanding on the underlying mental processes that condition your mood.

You will realize how I approach your emotions: they must be recognized as an essential part of you, rather than regarded as weaknesses. You will have liberty to express everything you consider significant, with no imposed script. Your ability to think will expand with no conditioning.

With that awareness, you will enjoy freedom to make choices towards your life projects and relations.

My last purpose is to get you to no longer need me…

Questions you May have

O Que É a Psicanálise?

A psicanálise é um processo para todos os que estão dispostos a compreender-se, através de uma viagem de profunda reflexão sobre a interacção entre a sua personalidade e as diferentes dimensões das suas vidas.

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O Que Esperar das Sessões?

Ao trabalhar comigo, beneficiará de uma abordagem focada em ajudar a que desenvolva as partes autênticas de si, ao invés de lhe ensinar quem deve ou não ser ou estabelecer o objectivo de o fazer adaptar-se ao que poderia ser dito como norma.

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