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Interview on Self-Mutilation

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COVID-19: Panic is the most devastating symptom

Covid-19: Extreme situations trigger intense emotions, and the new coronavirus has set off a wave of chaotic behaviour.

Interview: What is Psychoanalysis

Conscious Unconscious Podcast is your one-stop for all discussions related to Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

Joker: A DOCU on schizophrenia

And Joker is that: a victim and a criminal. But Arthur Fleck is a schizophrenic.

What Is Personality?

All of us share some common traits, nobody has a unique trait.

Are you parenting or nursing?

The topic is recurrent in the experts’ discussions, and the concept of a healthy relationship between parents and children is…

The day I discovered evil!

There are no perfectly good people, nor entirely bad people: there are different people and those who have not yet…

The Secret is not in happiness: it is in sadness!

It is important not to forget that a half-empty glass is also half full, but it is nonetheless a half-full…

TV Interview: Challenges of Adopting

What are the challenges that come when adopting a child?

TV Interview: The Role of Gifts for Christmas

Conversation about the role that gifts play in the relationship between adults and children, and how this issue can be…

TV Interview: Personality Disorders

Ever wondered about what disturbs a healthy development of one’s personality?

TV Interview: What is Mental Health?

Contemporary approach on Mental Health. Is it a birth "flaw", or a consequence of several factors?

Experimenter: Stanley Milgram, the Psychologist who shocked America

"Milgram’s experience does not show that the human being is cruel. It shows that cruelty is a feeling that is…

TV Interview: Nanny, Daycare or Homecare?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these, for the development of children?

TV Interview: Bullied at School

Catherine's daughter suffered from bullying at school and is now afraid to go back to school.

TV Interview: I am Afraid to Lose my Son to Child Protection

Ivone lives in despair. The 15-year-old suffers from personality disorders and serious behavioural problems. This mother lives in fear of…

TV Interview: What is the power of friendship?

"Comments to a case of three long-time friends, interviewed by Conceição Lino"

TV Interview: Children's embarrassing Questions

"What was the most embarrassing question a child ever asked you?"

TV Interview: Economic Crisis and Mental Health

What is the impact of the economic crisis on the mental health of the population?

TV Interview: Father's Relationship with Children

How important is the relationship between a father and their children?